Mind Your Greens: Your Golf Swing Plays A Part

There a lot of fun to play golf – one of them has the beautiful courses and those courses which are made to be incredible condition. If only it was my yard. Alas, the siren song to call my golf and my yard is brown and neglected.

Golfers there for a number of rules to remember, but one of the most important is the course where you take good care of the privilege to play for. This is not a reason Divot Disposing of your garbage or your golf swing is for sure whether, all the responsibility of the course is to ensure he is in good playing condition.

Tee-off – Letas start with the tee-off. Using well-weighted, quality clubs, such as those from Cobra Golf or adams golf, helps make good use of all that practice at the driving range. A good club will ensure accuracy in your golf swing and make the experience of driving a ball to the flag easier and less stressful on your body. Make sure you repair any divots before the next person tees up.

Green Behavior – Walk carefully if you are wearing spikes. In fact, dragging oneas feet upon the course – whatever the shoe – will tear up the grass and make play harder for the next golfer. If you are lucky enough to have a golf cart, please stay on the path and leave the off-roading for the trucks with four-wheel drive.

Flag of the plant – when, as are a lot of time your partner makes a putt to take the flag away from the hole to reach the hole. If you feel that you have a hole for several strokes below par, please make sure that the cup when a putt, the place that the flag not to drink – as this may be in the form of is attractive is troubling. If you need to place your hands can hurt your golf swing and the cup may be the victim.

Chip and Rakes – Sand traps, should you happen to find your ball in one, need to be diligently raked once you have used your crack golf swing to chip the ball out of the trap. Place the rake back gently near the sand trap to ensure the next golfer finds it quickly. Teeth down, please.

Leave No Trace – As trash in the stadium, I have begun to implement a small plastic bag with my trash I found in the back nine. Perhaps it has been bombed, from a nearby road, but, however, go there, it can be destructive to the landscape. Remember the rule of law being outdoors: Leave No Trace.

You have increased the 19th hole? Congratulations! Enjoy the best earned refreshment. The course, while you played in the Thank you for your care, of course after that you will be in a good position for the players – and for you when you visit again.

Golf is a tough game to master but it’s so much fun! Find your passion for golf and share your thoughts on this beautiful game at OC Golf Courses. You won’t be disappointed!

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