Major Manufacturer’s Golf Drivers This Year

Golf club submissions were 2,500 in 2008 (as opposed to 500 a year in the 1990s). There are so many clubs these days that it’s very hard for someone to find the right golf clubs.

Companies have their own research department and come out with different technologies every year. Scroll more to read about some of the more popular manufacturers.

Cobra Golf has Camilo Villegas as their sponsor who is playing so well. The most expensive driver they carry is the Cobra L5V which promises maximum face area for its look.

Adams Golf is known for its hybrids but they also started to enter the arena of drivers in recent years. Their latest technology, the Adams Insight Tech A4 driver, has a street price of $ 370 and comes in loft 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5. It has a pretty traditional looking club head, and the curved shape is supposed to save weight.

Callaway Golf almost stands for forgiveness. They also pioneered the uniflex shaft used in its irons. The Callaway FT-IQ is its latest square shaped driver. If you can get pass the sound that it makes (and the shape), you will bomb it. The driver is amazingly straight even though your golf buddies might make fun of you for cheating.

When the world’s most dominant player plays those clubs, who doesn’t want to own them? Tiger Woods plays Nike’s equipment, and so should you. Tiger personally designed some of the club and balls characteristics for use.

Titleist’s 909D2/909D3 driver this year is incredibly good. It’s as long as any drivers out on the market today. With its SureFit interchangeable fitting system, this driver gets top marks. Whether it’s the 909D2’s forgiveness or the 909D3’s workability, there’s a club for you.

Ping engineered a low spin, low launch angle driver in the Ping Rapture V2. With its nFlight fitting system, you will for sure find a great shaft combo that fits you perfectly with this driver. The green on the Ping Rapture V2 driver is great as well.

Taylormade has always been a huge sponsor on the PGA Tour for drivers. The new Taylormade Burner is a great driver and it’s even available at a discount at Costco. The driver is a high launch, relatively low spin driver that will fit golfers that seem to hit down on the ball.

Cleveland jumped onto the big leagues when it came out with the Launcher series. I still remember the good old days when everyone started buying Cleveland clubs because everyone was saying “check out the launcher”. A few years later, they are still keeping the name but have increased the technology ten-fold.

Play with the latest golf clubs is an amazing feeling. The sweet sound of new clubs is great. In order to know what to buy, check out What’s in the Golf Bag as it explores what tour pros play.

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