How to Find the Best Golf Instructor For You

You have made the decision that you need to find a golf instructor. Now how do you find a golf coach that can help you? How do I go about finding a qualified golf teacher? How will I know if they are qualified to teach or not? Will they be able to fix me in just one lesson or will I need a series? Are online golf lessons a legitimate option? The questions may seem endless, but, here is some advice for finding the best fit for you to improve your golf game.

How do I find a golf instructor that can help me?

I guess I will start off by answering a question with a question. How do you go about finding an accountant, doctor, dentist, etc.? Most people that I know, ask those with similar thoughts and beliefs their opinion on who they use and trust their business or health. This can be done with the regular group(s) that you play with, especially if someone has recently improved their game. However, be warned that what they worked on to improve their game may very well NOT be the medicine that you need to improve your game.

As I am trying to find a golf instructor, how will I know if they are qualified to teach or not?

This is a great question and shows that you are really looking to learn and not just get a quick fix. You can locate a local golf instructor that is close to you through The PGA offers certifications in golf instruction and these instructors are few and far between. If you are close proximity to one you are lucky and should take that opportunity.

How long should the golf lessons & instruction session take and how often should I take them?

This is the $ 64,000 dollar question. There are too many variables to consider to simply give a clear cut answer here. What I will say is that the instructor should be willing to watch you for a few minutes or have a sit down conversation with you to determine where you currently are in your golf game, determine if you have any current or past injuries that could change your motion and develop a plan for you. No matter your skill level, the plan should be logical and make sense to you. If it does not then this person may not be the best instructor for you.

In trying to find a golf instructor, are online golf lessons a legitimate option?

With all of the new technology, taking golf lessons online is becoming more and more popular. It is becoming a very legitimate way to learn the game of golf. You will still want to do the research as outlined above on who the instructor is and if they are qualified. The benefits are endless to those golfers that may travel a lot or for those that love the game in a rural community. The great part about them is that as long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to your golf lessons!

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