Golf course marketing with no downside is absolutely possible. In fact, MMC® has (3) three no-risk/self-funding promotional campaigns specifically designed around the concept of “no downside” marketing. My goal throughout my entire career has been focusing on minimizing the downside of golf course marketing and maximizing the upside of golf course marketing.

Nearly every investment we make has a potential downside. In today’s economy, even secured municipal bonds have a possible downside with so many cities and even states on the verge of bankruptcy and yet they are supposed to be some of the safest investments available to mankind.

There is an entrenched paradigm that you must take enormous risk to possibly get huge
returns on your investments; this is more of a myth than a reality. You do need to be smart and educate yourself but there are numerous ways to receive enormous returns on your investment if you get out of your own way and start thinking outside of the box.

But it’s not just the downside that should worry us; we should also be concerned about the upside as well. We hear people talking about a 10% return but the risk factor is ridiculous in some cases. Unfortunately, in most cases, when it comes to investments we barely make a return worth our time much less the invested capital.

You have already made an enormous investment of time, money and collateral into purchasing/building your golf facility; let it pay the dividends you hoped for instead of draining you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. It is time to demand a return on your investment.

The best way to market your golf facility is to partner with a company like MMC® who puts their money where their mouth is and has a vested financial stake in the success of your golf course marketing campaign; hence, making the golf course marketing campaign no-risk/self-funding with no downside to you.

But if you chose to go it alone you can definitely reduce the possible downside by doing
the proper market research and by doing soft launches opposed to full blown golf
course marketing campaigns in order to gauge your risk verses return.

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